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Wether is worldwide known for his 'Smooth jazz' songs, Paolo's particular style don't belongs to any precise style. He believe that a modern composer/musician can break musical styles, mixing together elements of one genre in another. His particular 'genre' is called Total Music, meaning a variety of different music styles mixed together. The amazing versatility of this eclectic composer is what attracted the attention of Superstars like Miles Davis & Carlos Santana, which Paolo produced for several songs, like 'Capri', 'Full Moon', 'Get On' to name some of them. 

Paolo Rustichelli is a composer, piano & keyboards virtuoso, singer and producer that literally realizes his productions completely by himself. He is a real 'One Man Band' that impress audiences with his eclectic styles that makes him really unique. 
His particular sound has become a trademark sound and source of trends and inspiration among artists worldwide. 

He started his career at age 16 simultaneously as a soundtrack composer and as a rock keyboard player with the album "Opera Prima"on RCA Records, considered by critics a Rock progressive masterpiece, pioneering the use of the mono synth ARP 2600, Mellotron and Moog Synth. 
As a first musical attempt in the genre "Chill out music" Paolo achieved success with the Albums 'Mystic Jazz' & 'Mystic Man' (featuring Miles Davis & Carlos Santana) and proved extremely influential creating 'Chill out music' and for Smooth Jazz style.

In '97, Gavin and Radio & Records (Billboard) reported the song "Paisa" from Paolo's album "Mystic Man" had reached BILLBOARD N.1 the Top 10 on the U.S. NAC chart ( Smooth Jazz ).
In 2006 the song 'My Geisha' reached BILLBOARD Top10.

The single "Soul Italiano" (2011) has been at the Top Ten radio charts for seven weeks.

In February 2014 the single "Med Groove" went N.1 in the Smooth Jazz Charts, being also N.1 at Amazon Top Sellers for 3 months steadily, and then randomly until December 2014, making "Med Groove" one of the Smooth Jazz biggest hit of the year.

"Paolo can easily create a hookin' melody that makes the song really catchy, sounding classic and innovative at the same time. Paolo's music is a soundtrack for life!"
- Carlos Santana, Billboard Interview

"I like Paolo's ability to mix classical and jazz elements together, in a simple and innovative way, it's really refreshing!..."- 
- Miles Davis on Paolo Rustichelli

"Paolo Rustichelli is a genius! Miles Davis and Carlos Santana loved him..."
- Keyboard Magazine

"Med Groove’ from Italian keyboard player and composer Paolo Rustichelli is a fabulously cool cut that I encourage you to make part of your 2014 music collection..."
- Denis Poole, Smoothjazztherapy.com

"Paolo Rustichelli is a chart-topper, pioneer of synth music and creator of chill out, electro Smooth Jazz!..."
- Sandy Shore, Smoothjazz.com





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